The Olivet Discourse

The Olivet Discourse #202- Revelation 11-12 and the Invisible Resurrection and Judgment

The unseen nature of the Day of the Lord-- the War in the heavens-- demonstrates that visible events pointed to (greater, more important spiritual...

The Olivet Discourse #201- Isaiah 26, the Invisible Resurrection!

Isaiah 26 predicted the Day of Judgment and the resurrection. What is so amazing is that the text says that the righteous would witness the event...

The Olivet Discourse #200 More on the Unseen Parousia!

It is a mistake of massive proportions to ignore that the Bible has to say about the unseen nature of the coming of the Lord, the kingdom, the...

The Olivet Discourse #199-The Unseen Parousia!

Jesus' comment that the powers of the heavens would be shaken proves that the events that he is talking about would occur in the unseen realm!

The Olivet Discourse #198 - The Powers of the Heavens Shall Be Shaken

Matthew 24:29f says that at the coming of Lord, "the powers of the heaven shall be shaken." This signifies Christ's spiritual victory, not a...

The Olivet Discourse #197- More on Psalms 18 and the Coming of the Lord

David said he prayed to the Lord for deliverance from Saul, and the Lord came out of heaven and destroyed creation! Did He do that literally?

The Olivet Discourse #196- Psalms 18 and the Language of Decreation

Psalms 18 is helpful in determining how the Hebrews expressed the idea of God acting in history-- but, not to end history!

The Olivet Discourse #195- Malachi 1- Isaiah 34 fulfilled!

Isaiah 34 foretold the destruction of all the nations at the time of the judgment of Edom. There is a timeline between Isaiah, Jeremiah 25 &...

The Olivet Discourse #194 - Jeremiah 25 Ezekiel 25- The Destruction of the Nations!

Comparing Isaiah 34 with Jeremiah 25 and Ezekiel 25 proves that the language of the Day of the Lord is metaphoric!

The Olivet Discourse #193- Looking Deeper at the Destruction of the Nations

We are told that Isaiah's prediction of "all the nations" demands that we take the language literally of the end of time. That claim quick;ly...

The Olivet Discourse #192 - The Destruction of the Nations???

Does Isaiah's prediction of the destruction of "all the nations" mean that his language of the destruction of creation must be taken literally?

The Olivet Discourse #191- A quick Hermeneutical Reminder

It is important to briefly go back over some basic rules of hermeneutic in our study of the Olivet Discourse.

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