The Olivet Discourse

A Bit of Potpourri Before Preterist Pilgrim Weekend 2019!

Just a few comments and news before Preterist Pilgrim Weekend begins! Don't miss this event!!

The Olivet Discourse #87-Isaiah 65 #3- Destroy the Old-Create the New

The destruction of the Old Creation brings in the New! Bad news to Good news!

The Olivet Discourse #86- Looking Closer at Isaiah 65 #2

Looking closer at Isaiah 65 demonstrates, very powerfully, the Gospel of Destruction motif. Out with the Old-- In with the New!

The Olivet Discourse #65 - Isaiah 65 and the Gospel of Destruction #1

Isaiah 65 gives tremendous insight into the "Good News" of the destruction of Jerusalem

MM: 7 Churches Part 7

Churches Part 7

MM: 7 Churches Part 6

7 Churches Part 6

MM: 7 Churches Part 5

7 Churches Part 5

MM: 7 Churches Part 4

7 Churches Part 4

MM: 7 Churches Part 3

The tree of life was offered to the church at Ephesus to reverse what happened through Adam. This means that the resurrection/ destruction of Hades...

MM 7 Churches Part 2

Part 2 of Daniel Rogers' video of the Seven Churches of Revelation. Morning Musings Guest Video.

Morning Musings Intro to Letters to the 7 Churches

The letters to the seven churches give us a solid foundation to understanding the book of Revelation. Taking just a moment to introduce the letters...

The Story 0f My Wife --And Life- A Tribute for our 50th Wedding Anniversary

This is not really a Morning Musing. It is me sharing with you the story of my live began with my wife-- 50 years ago!

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