The Olivet Discourse

Refutation of Sam Frost's "The Parousia of the Son of Man" #9- Matthew 10.23

Sam Frost turns the time line of Matthew 10:23 on its head!

The Olivet Discourse #80- Then Comes The End!!

We begin a look at Jesus' remarkable statement that the message of the coming judgment on Jerusalem was "good news."

The Olivet Discourse #79- The NT Reality of the "Great Apostasy"

The New Testament- as we confirm- is full of references to the first century reality of the "Great Apostasy."

The Olivet Discourse #78- How Is This Possible?

When one examines the Apostasy and its connection to the Day of the Lord, how could anyone have believed that the day of the Lord had already come?

The Olivet Discourse #77- The Apostasy and 2 Thessalonians 2

If the "Great Apostasy" occurred in the first century, Christ's parousia is fulfilled-- futurism is dead!

Don K. Preston Versus William Vincent Debate on Daniel 7:13-14

This is my first negative presentation in response to William Vincent. The subject of the debate is: Did Daniel 7:13-14 predict the Ascension of...

Refutation of Sam Frost #8- Another Look at Abraham in Heaven

Sam Frost claims that all the faithful who died before Christ came went directly to heaven! This is patently false.

The Olivet Discourse #76 Apostasy in the New Testament!

The NT evidence for the fulfillment of the "Great Apostasy" in the first century is stunning!

The Olivet Discourse #75 -Israel and the Apostasy

Both the OT and the New foretold "the falling away" (Of Israel!) for the last days. That falling away was in the first century!

The Olivet Discourse #74- The Great Apostasy- #1

If the Great Apostasy was in the first century, there is no future coming of the Lord!

Response and Refutation of Sam Frost #7 -Abraham in Heaven Before the Atonement?

Did Abraham, and the Worthies, go to heaven before Christ made the Atonement? Sam Frost says they did!

The Olivet Discourse #73 - Fulfillment in Acts and the Epistles!

What Jesus predicted in Matthew 24:10-11 was clearly fulfilled in the book of Acts and the epistles.

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