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Introduction - Some Great OT Prophecies and Their Fulfillment
  • PV
  • 15-1-2017
  • 47:29

Introduction to - Some Great OT Prophecies and Their Fulfillment

MerryChristmas To Everyone
  • DKP
  • 22-12-2016
  • 04:25

Am taking a break from the videos for Christmas. I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! Be safe and God bless!

How Should We Then Live? After AD 70, What Now?
  • DKP
  • 27-10-2016
  • 10:50

OOOPPSS!! Sorry bout that! Was so preoccupied with other business, research, etc. I completely forgot to post this after filming! Anyway, Paul...

Exciting Announcement of a Brand New, and Important - New Book!
  • DKP
  • 27-10-2016
  • 04:33

JaDon Management is glad to announce the publication of an important new book by Stephen Temple. The book is entitled Then Shall They Know That I...

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How Should We Then Live? After AD 70, What Now?
  • DKP
  • 26-10-2016
  • 08:58

Some mistakenly claim that if the end was in AD 70, that we have no moral requirements today. After all, it was "the end of all things"- right?...

How Should We Then Live? What Comes After the End?
  • DKP
  • 25-10-2016
  • 10:44

In response to the most commonly requested topic for me to discuss before taking a hiatus (due to my wife's impending surgery) I will offer a few...

Something A Bit Different!! Here is Your Chance!!
  • DKP
  • 24-10-2016
  • 12:28

Okay, life has sprung up and will interfere with me starting a major new video series. So, I am asking your input for subjects -- short subjects--...

Exciting Announcement About Live StreamIng of Preterist Pilgrim Weekend 2016
  • DKP
  • 11-6-2016
  • 03:45

We have an exciting announcement about the Live Streaming of the upcoming Preterist Pilgrim Weekend! To ensure that as many people as possible can...

Morning Musings-- Some Exciting News!
  • DKP
  • 18-4-2016
  • 08:00

I will continue my study of the nature of the kingdom tomorrow. Today, I want to share some very, very exciting news! Be sure to share!

Greetings to India Preterists!!
  • DKP
  • 18-1-2016
  • 05:25

Greetings to all of my fellow believers in the promise keeping God!

A Special Message: Preterist Radio
  • DKP
  • 9-12-2015
  • 09:23

In this special presentation I speak a bit about the radio program I feel very strongly about what Mike Loomis is doing with the...

The Japanese Earthquake #01: A Sign That The End Is Near?
  • DKP
  • 9-12-2015
  • 12:30

Preston's Ponderings: The horrible earthquake in northern Japan-- 3-11-2011 is already being heralded as a sign that we are in the last days!...


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