Book Reviews

Review and Response to Joel Richardson's "Mystery Babylon"- #11

Joel Richardson employs what I call a Hermeneutic of Anachronism. He takes prophecies that were specifically directed to and against kingdoms that...

Review and Response to Joel Richardson's Mystery Babylon #9 - A PartnerShip of Persecution!

Joel Richardson posits the Islamic Caliphate as the Beast of Revelation and Mecca in Saudia Arabia as Babylon. But, the text of Revelation 17...

Review of Joel Richardson's Mystery Babylon #7 - The Seven Kings of Revelation 17

Joel Richardson's approach to the identification of the seven "kings" in Revelation is fundamentally flawed, and ignores what the text actually...

Response to Joel Richardson's Mystery Babylon book--#6 Babylon the Harlot

I agree with Joel Richardson when he says that one of the major keys for identifying Babylon in Revelation is the description of her as a harlot....

Review and Response to Joel Richardson's Mystery Babylon #5

Joel Richardson claims to have "unraveled" the mystery of the identity of Babylon of Revelation. However, unless I have completely missed it, he...

Review and Response to Joel Richardson's Mystery Babylon #4

In his book, Mystery Babylon, Joel Richardson is guilty of numerous exegetical errors. At the very beginning of the book he makes both an...

Review of Kevin Richardson's Book- Mystery Babylon #1

Kevin Richardson is a New York Times best selling author. He published a book in 2017, entitled Mystery Babylon, Unlocking the Bible's Greatest...

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