Answering Some Questions

Answers Some Questions #10- Was Paul A False Teacher?
  • DKP
  • 9-6-2016
  • 09:09

When Paul affirmed- repeatedly and emphatically- that he was living in the time of the end, was he wrong? Was he deluded? Was he just another false...

Answering Some Questions #9-Reuniting Heaven and Earth- The Goal of the Ages
  • DKP
  • 8-6-2016
  • 08:20

When Paul said that the goal of the ages had come, we absolutely must see that the goal of the ages was the re-unification of heaven and earth--...

Answering Some Questions #8 - Could Paul Tell Time?
  • DKP
  • 7-6-2016
  • 09:36

Opponents of the truth of preterism repeatedly tell us that God is not bound by time, and does not communicate time truthfully (Just think about...

Answering Some Questions #7 - At Just the Right Time!
  • DKP
  • 6-6-2016
  • 07:16

Paul's statement that the events Israel's past were types of the first century, is another way of saying that the "fullness of time" in God's...

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Answering Some Questions #6- The Shadow Versus the Reality!
  • DKP
  • 2-6-2016
  • 08:04

In 1 Corinthians 10: 6, 11, Paul said that the events of Israel's history were "types of us" that was his "us" not us today! So, Old Covenant...

Answering Some Questions - #5- The End of the Age Was the Goal!
  • DKP
  • 1-6-2016
  • 08:46

When Paul said that the goal of the previous ages had arrived, we have to consider that the end of the age was one aspect of that goal! Thus, for...

Answering Some Questions- #4- Ages? Or Age?
  • DKP
  • 31-5-2016
  • 07:39

If, as virtually all scholars admit, the Jews thought of "this age" and "the age to come" (two over-arching ages), then why did Paul refer to "the...

Answering Some Questions #3-- The Already But Not Yet of The End
  • DKP
  • 26-5-2016
  • 08:47

Paul's incredible statement that "the goal of the ages has come upon us" (them not US)-- is a powerful example of the "already but not yet." He...

Answering Some Questions #2- The Goal of the Ages Has Come!
  • DKP
  • 25-5-2016
  • 08:06

What was the eschatological goal of prophecy? The Kingdom? Yes. Resurrection? Yes, The New Creation? Yes! So, what did Paul mean when he said "the...

Answering Some Questions #1
  • DKP
  • 23-5-2016
  • 10:38

Over the last few days, I have received several questions about 1 Corinthians 10:11. Paul used the plural "ages" instead of "age" and according to...


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