Guest Videos (Daniel Rogers)

Psalm 23 Part 9: The Prepared Table
  • DKP
  • 28-9-2017
  • 10:24 The Messianic banquet - also called the marriage supper of the lamb - is a celebration of the defeat of the enemies of the...

Psalm 23 Part 8: Your Rod and Staff Comfort Me
  • DKP
  • 27-9-2017
  • 09:21 The shepherd imagery in Psalm 23 is utilized to indicate God caring for David and assisting him in the difficult situation in...

Psalm 23 Part 7: Shadow of Death
  • DKP
  • 25-9-2017
  • 10:35 David expressed appreciation that God was with him in the shadow of death. While we understand his particular situation at the...

Psalm 23 Part 6: He Leads Me in Paths of Righteousness
  • DKP
  • 21-9-2017
  • 10:46 The disciples of Jesus' day were expected to be more righteous than the Pharisees. One of the key differences between some of...

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Psalm 23 Part 5: He Restores My Soul
  • DKP
  • 14-9-2017
  • 09:17 The restoration of the soul was the ultimate goal of God's plan. This was achieved through the work of Jesus as the High...

Psalm 23 Part 4: Still Waters
  • DKP
  • 13-9-2017
  • 06:51

Sorry. Internet trouble. Having to use my phone hotspot, and it is taking forever! A fountain of water was opened up to the people through...

Psalm 23 Part 3: Green Pastures
  • DKP
  • 12-9-2017
  • 08:55 God promised to restore Israel and to make her lie down in green pastures. He would do this at the time of the separation of...

Psalm 23 Part 2: I Shall Not Want
  • DKP
  • 11-9-2017
  • 07:22 God has promised to take care of both our spiritual and physical needs. We need to put our full trust in Him and not worry...

Psalm 23 Part 1: The Lord is My Shepherd
  • DKP
  • 7-9-2017
  • 07:14 Psalm 23 is a beautiful picture of how God takes care of us. Every line in that Psalm of David is used throughout the Bible to...

Attitude Over Eschatology
  • DKP
  • 6-9-2017
  • 10:25 Folks, if you have a bad attitude, it doesn't matter what your eschatology is. Name calling, doubting sincerity and integrity...

Is Hurricane Harvey a Sign of the END OF TIME?
  • DKP
  • 5-9-2017
  • 08:15

Many news sites and religious blogs have stated that Hurricane Harvey was a sign of the soon-to-come end of time. They site passages out of Luke 21...

Paul Didn't Have the Promise of the Spirit Yet
  • DKP
  • 30-8-2017
  • 08:47 If the promise of the Spirit was the miraculous gifts, why does Paul say that he had yet to receive it? The thing that the...


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