Mr Don Preston

The Olivet Discourse #45- Answering Some (Amazing) Objections

Sam Frost recently offered some amazing objections to our comments on Matthew 24.

The Olivet Discourse #44 Messianic Birth Pains??

What in the world were the "birth pangs" and what did they have to do with the end of the age?

The Olivet Discourse #43 Famines, Earthquakes, Pestilence!!

Wars, rumors of wars, famine, earthquake, pestilence-- all fulfilled In the first century!

The Olivet Discourse #42- More on Luke 21:8

Jesus' warnings against premature declarations of the nearness of the end are devastating to futurism!

The Olivet Discourse #41- Do Not Be Deceived!

Jesus' warnings in Matthew 24:4 falsify all futurist claims!

The Olivet Discourse #40- Hebrews 9 26- The End of the Age

Jesus did not appear in the end of time, or the end of the Christian age!

The Olivet Discourse #39- Matthew 28:20 and The End of the Age

Does Matthew 28:20 refer to the end of the world?

The Olivet Discourse #38 - A Linguistic Study of The End of the Age.

An examination of the distinctive Greek term translated as "end of the age." Revealing stuff!

The Olivet Discourse #37 A Bit of Summary on what we have seen

Before proceeding, we need to refresh our minds on what we have seen so far.

The Olivet Discourse #36 1Corinthians 15 - Does Jesus Abdicate???

It is wrongly claimed that Christ will one day "surrender" the kingdom.

The Olivet Discourse #35 -Revelation 11 - The Endless Kingdom

The unending kingdom was confirmed in AD 70!

The Olivet Discourse #34 - The Unshakable Kingdom!

The Old Kingdom would cease to function- Christ's kingdom will never cease to function!

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