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The Olivet Discourse #177- Understanding the Nature of Language

It is critically important to understand that Matthew 24:29f was written in a Hebraic context. This is massively important!

The Olivet Discourse #176 - We Begin Our Look at the Language of v. 29f

The language of the sun being darkened, the moon turning to blood-- is that literal? If so, Jesus failed!

The Olivet Discourse #175 -- Summarizing the Lead Up to "Immediately" in V. 29

Summarizing what leads up to Matthew 24:29f demands that the parousia of Christ was fulfilled in the first century!

Review and Refutation of Lance Conley's Book #3- Dating of Revelation

Lance Conley says there is "very decent" internal evidence for the early dating of Revelation, but he rejects that inspired internal evidence,...

The Olivet Discourse #174-- The Parallels Between Isaiah 24 and Matthew 24 Are Incredible!

The parallels between Isaiah 24 and Matthew 24 are astounding and powerful-- falsifying any futurist application.

The Olivet Discourse #173 "Immediately after"- From -Eutheos- What does that mean?

What exactly does "immediately after" mean? It is incredible how some distort the meaning of this powerful word!

The Olivet Discourse-#172-Immediately-- Not Just Some Time!

The Olivet Discourse #172- When we honor Jesus' connection between the Abomination, the Tribulation and his coming, it demands first century...

The Olivet Discourse #171- The Parousia Immediately After the Tribulation.

Jesus said his coming would be "immediately" after the Tribulation. This demands a first century fulfillment!

Review and Refutation of Lance Conley's book: Hope Resurrected #2- Dating of Revelation

Lance Conley says the internal (inspired) evidence of Revelation presents some very decent evidence for the early date, but insists that we to...

The Olivet Discourse #170- Revelation, The "Body" of Babylon and the Vultures

What Jesus said about the Vultures feeding on the body is directly echoed in Revelation in the prediction of the fall of Babylon!

The Olivet Discourse #169- The Death Brings Forth Life

In prophecy, the death of Israel would lead to the New Creation! This is the prophetic background of Jesus' reference to the corpse!

The Olivet Discourse #168 - What is the dead body in Matthew 24:28?

Jesus said "where the body (singular) is, there will the vultures be gathered." What "body" was he referring to?

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