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The Olivet Discourse #156- Galatians Sheds Light on the Great Apostasy

False prophets - as Jesus predicted-- caused an incredible apostasy in the first century.

The Olivet Discourse #155-- Look at Elymas- Look at the Sons of Sceva!

A closer look at the book of Acts reveals the presence of other false prophets and wonder workers-- just as Jesus said!

The Olivet Discourse #154 -Many False Prophets Came! - #2

Simon the Sorcerer was just one example of the false miracle workers that impacted the early church!

The Olivet Discourse #153 - Many False Prophets Would Arise Before His Coming-- They Did!

Jesus said many false prophets would arise before his parousia-- and they did!

The Olivet Discourse #152 - As Lightning Shines From East To West

Jesus said his coming would be like the lightning that shines from east to west. Does that suggest a yet future-- world wide - coming? NO.

The Olivet Discourse - #151 -He is here, he is there!-- Don't believe it- Said Jesus

Jesus said not to believe those who might say that he had come! In the desert, in the temple!

The Olivet Discourse #150 Summary on the Great Tribulation

This video summarizes what we have seen about the Great Tribulation and why it destroys futurism.

The Olivet Discourse #149- The Tribulation and the FirstFruit!

The first generation of Jewish Christians experienced the Great Tribulation- This falsifies futurism!

The Olivet Discourse #148 - What City killed the prophets? Tribulation was coming on that city!

What city killed the prophets? The Tribulation was coming on that city!

The Olivet Discourse #147 Revelation 16- The Great Day of the Lord

Revelation 16 speaks of the Great Day of the Lord- Armageddon. When the martyrs would be vindicated!

The Olivet Discourse #146 -Tribulation and Revelation 11

Revelation 11 and the Olivet Discourse are in perfect agreement on the Tribulation-- and it is past!

The Olivet Discourse #145-- Revelation and the Great Tribulation

Revelation -- and specifically chapter 6-- provides a firm context for the Tribulation

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