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Refuting Brock Hollett #11 - Did Paul Redefine Jesus' Words on the Great Commission?

Brock Hollett accuses Paul of totally redefining Jesus' words in regard to the Great Commission. And, he says Jesus used literal language, but Paul...

The Olivet Discourse #12 - Zephaniah -What the Disciples Knew About Parousia

Unless the disciples knew that the coming fall of Jerusalem was to be radically different from the OT Day of the Lord, then there is no way they...

The Olivet Discourse #11- Ezekiel 7 and the Day of the Lord

Skeptics scoff at God's time statements of imminence. They did that in Ezekiel 7-- and God condemned them for it! Jesus' disciples clearly knew of...

The Olivet Discourse #10 The OT and the Parousia

Did the disciples know about the OT definition of the Day of the Lord? Did they know the Lord came against Jerusalem in BC 586?

The Olivet Discourse #9 Were the Disciples Confused?

The fundamental presupposition of most commentators is that the disciples were confused when the asked their questions in Matthew 24:3. But, what...

Refutation of Brock Hollett's Book: DeBunking Preterism #10 - A Look at Luke 21:8

Brock Hollett says Jesus condemned premature declarations of the end. Amen! But, that admission refutes his entire book!

The Olivet Discourse #8 -The Transfiguration and Matthew 24?

The parousia of Matthew 24, was seen, in vision form, in the Transfiguration! This is stunningly important!

The Olivet Discourse #7 - Jesus' Parousia Would Be "In the Glory of the Father"!

Jesus predicted his coming - the parousia of Matthew 24 - "in the glory of the Father." That precludes physical "end of time" coming!

The Olivet Discourse #6 - How Confused Were Jesus' Disciples???

Did the disciples exhibit confusion when they connected the fall of the Temple with the Lord's parousia and the end of the age?

The Olivet Discourse #5- The Disciples' Questions- What Did They Ask About-Really?

Commentators take for granted that the disciples asked Jesus about the end of the material world. If that is wrong, the entire futurist view...

Response and Refutation of Brock Hollett #9 -Hollett's Disturbing (False) Claims

On page 31 of his book, Brock Hollett makes some truly disturbing false claims.

The Olivet Discourse #4 - Grasping the Importance of the Temple

Most modern Bible students have literally no clue as to the importance of the Temple in the psyche of the ancient Jews. This MUST be understood!

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