The Violence and Eschatological Errors of Islam, With Mike Sullivan

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  • 13-9-2017
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Mike Sullivan and William address the violence of Islam and some of the Middle East eschatological problems and how Full Preterism has the answer.

And here are the links to Mike's article series addressing the larger issue on Islamic, Jewish and "Christian" Dispensational Zionist eschatology regarding an "the end is near" "end time" "in the land" "holy war" motifs affecting the Middle East and how Full Preterism solves this issue: Part 1 – Refuting and Healing “Holy Land,” “End Time,” “Holy War” Islamic Eschatology:
Part 2 – Refuting and Healing Judaic “Holy Land,” “End Time,” “Holy War” Eschatology:
Part 3 – Refuting and Healing “Christian” Dispensational Zionism “Holy Land,” “End Time,” “Holy War” Eschatology:

Mike also adds that he forgot to develop that Muhammad (as an alleged "prophet") predicted that the Second Coming of Jesus would take place in the lifetime (within a 100 years) and generation of his contemporaries [that is documented in the article/link above] and contrast this with what Jesus promised in Mt. 16:27-28 and Mt. 24:34 - demonstrating that Jesus was a faithful prophet and DID return within the lifetime and generation (AD 30 - AD 70) of his contemporaries to close the OC age in AD 70. Maybe William will have Mike on next week to finish the failed eschatology of Islam and begin "Jewish" eschatology on Ezekiel 37-38 and that of Benjamin N.

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