The Great Tribulation - 2016? #2

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  • Predicting the Great Tribulation
  • DKP
  • 30-3-2016
  • 05:44
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If you know the time line of Dispensational eschatology, then you know that all predictions that the Great Tribulation is to be this year - 2016 - are inherently, indisputably false! John Shorey told us -- he said the Lord told him!! - that the Great Tribulation would be in March 2016! His own prediction proves that he knows that he is a false teacher - or else he has been deceiving people when preaching the Dispensational time line! But, it is not just Mr. Shorey that is deceiving the public. It is all so-called prophecy teachers that say that the Great Tribulation will be this year, or next year, or the year after that!


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